Why Won’t Facebook Just Fade Away?

People are using different social media to stay connected to their loved ones, family, and co-workers during the pandemic
Social Media has become intertwined with our daily lives, and more people than ever are using it now during the pandemic

There’s a part of my job that is tedious and can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. There’s also a part of it as a digital marketer that is all about discovering new ways to reach the right people, find out what their behaviors are, the type of content they gravitate towards, and how various algorithms work. 

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Can You Survive As A Writer?

The best part of having been in the writing industry for so long is that I have established a kind of routine and a bank of experience for writing all types of things. I’ve developed content for everything from blog copy to social media marketing material, eBooks to scripts, radio ads to SEO articles. 

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Heart to Heart About Highly Sensitive People

As a society, we have come to think of being “too sensitive” as a flaw. It tampers with our ability to tap into our inner power or ability to optimize our other traits. We care too muchthink too deeply, perceive too many unfounded things, imagine a world that does not exist, and can sometimes believe in things that others find ludicrous. 

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What has the Pandemic Changed in the World of Business?

Due to the Pandemic, so many businesses have been forced to change, adapt, or completely morph into something else. I look back and don’t recognize half the businesses I was already accustomed to.

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How Copywriting Works: Exploring Different Methods of Copywriting

Many people get confused about the different methods of writing because what most of us are familiar with are journalistic writing, fiction writing, blog writing, and perhaps, that writing we do in the private confines of our homes.

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How to Efficiently Write Content for Marketing…or Anything

Professional writing has become ever more complicated for me because, in part, of how long it takes now to punch in on what’s working and what’s not. I have to keep my ear on the ground for stuff. You see, most of the things I write are marketing or SEO content

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Marketing on Instagram: The Charming & Simple Side of this Social Media Platform

Instagram is one of the last few digital drugs I still indulge in after ditching Facebook and many other social media platforms on a personal level. With the long, unending string of new social media platforms emerging almost daily, I found myself drowning in them.  

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Getting Your Small Business Online and Making a Name for Yourself

Small businesses are struggling to create an online presence and reach their potential. Here are some budget-friendly SEO and social media tip to do it.

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