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Podcast: Why Do People Become Entrepreneurs

Click the ‘Play’ button to listen to the podcast but if it’s not your thing, here are my notes instead. I was never really entrepreneur material and my ambition was to get hired or become a good entertainer. Making people happy really drove me forward,  History of business is that men started business, women stayedContinue reading “Podcast: Why Do People Become Entrepreneurs”

Master the Skills of Content Marketing For New Websites And Be Successful

Launching your new website is just the beginning of it all. You’ve now a platform to launch into a really solid content marketing stategy!

Top Things We Can Learn From These 5 Social Media Campaigns

Going through social media posts and following brands is one of those things I do both for personal and professional reasons. I have so many social media accounts, it’s scaring me a little. While I am doing that, I also look out for those still using the old spray and pray method.  Social media isContinue reading “Top Things We Can Learn From These 5 Social Media Campaigns”

Ask Me Anything: 6 Answers to Your Questions About Writing Tools

It was an online meeting with a friend and I was sharing my screen. He saw a couple of tabs open and one of them was Grammarly. Surprised, he went like “Why are YOU using Grammarly?” What he didn’t see was, in fact, in another tab, there was a whole host of other writing toolsContinue reading “Ask Me Anything: 6 Answers to Your Questions About Writing Tools”

Content Written To Be There For Your Customers

Let’s not talk about SEO content per se. The SEO of time immemorial is pretty much scrubbed down and modified to a point of non-recognition.  These days, when we’re writing content for SEO, writers and content producers have to think beyond that. No more blatant plugging of keywords and self-serving links. No more bot-written contentContinue reading “Content Written To Be There For Your Customers”