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Videos: Writing & Digital Marketing

I write a lot but recently, I’ve started exploring the potential of producing videos and it’s exciting! They’re on Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram, so, do check them out and hit the follow!

Digital Marketing

Content writing guide: Finding your writing style. Let me share mine because it may help
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How to become a faster and better writer
Introduction to Digital Marketing, SEO content, and Copywriting. Oh, the differences
For fun, sometimes I don’t get into the flow. Sometimes, I have to force the flow and this is what it may look like.
Coming Clean about Social Media Marketing Work
What is SEO? A quick answer to this digital marketing question
Budget ad basics. Learn how to start small and scale big on your online ad campaigns
Quick ways to market your ecommerce business online


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I am no social media influencer but being a digital marketer, I can’t escape being on social media. I post regularly on several different channels so, do check them out.

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