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Top Things We Can Learn From These 5 Social Media Campaigns

Going through social media posts and following brands is one of those things I do both for personal and professional reasons. I have so many social media accounts, it’s scaring me a little.

While I am doing that, I also look out for those still using the old spray and pray method. 

Social media is consistently changing, and we need to change with it…or we die. 

Before I go on, let me just qualify a couple of things. This is purely my opinion. The list you see here may NOT resonate with you and that’s OK. We jive to different tunes. Just like my boys rolling their eyes at my TikTok efforts. Living with skeptical boys is hard. 

So, the first up.

1 – LEGO

They’ve always morphed their strategy into a storytelling method and I absolutely agree that it’s the right thing to do!

People are bored with the same-old-same-old. 

So, their focus, at some point, was to focus on creative people, trans people, underprivileged communities, artists, and people who rarely get attention in mainstream media. It’s fun, imaginative, and unrestrained (in a way), just like kids. 

The only thing I would question is the length of the videos. I am a short video kinda gal so 6.53 minutes bordered on prattling on. 

But it’s good and meaningful, nonetheless. 


One of the most ignored groups of people in the business world is women entrepreneurs – womenpreneurs. 

They made the right move by supporting women-owned businesses and empowering them. They pumped out not just self-serving ads but also offered tips, ideas, and solutions every Wednesday throughout the month of March – which happens to be Women’s History Month. 

They also encouraged social sharing to reach a larger audience by offering mentorship networks and free resources for aspiring businesswomen.

Their target market is, of course, women in America, but even as I saw their ads from this side of the world, it helped. Tips and free tools always help. 

So, at the end of the day, every woman, regardless of where you are and what your background is, has something to take away from the campaigns. Even if it’s just a little bit of adrenaline or motivation. 

Another smart move, their social media campaigns encouraged followers and commenters to tag other businesswomen they know. 

3 – W.H.O.

Who doesn’t know WHO by now? I mean….after the years of the pandemic? 

Of course, W.H.O. focused on providing verified information, advice, and positive messages throughout their social media campaigns. 

Everyone was going through so much uncertainty during the early days of the pandemic and their social media feed provided some form of comfort. 

They, too, ameliorate the situation by going into personal stories and inspiring videos. One that stood out was of a man biking his journey from Geneva to London. It was all for the spreading of positivity, hope, and in support of climate change action. 


Music is an all-encompassing vehicle that transports people from all walks of life into different worlds. And Spotify understands that. Using strong storytelling, it leverages on the life and challenges of people like a trans person who uses music to improve his life. 

You can’t really go wrong with storytelling when you’re a big brand like that.


It wasn’t aimed at me, specifically, because the target market wasn’t me and I was geographically in the wrong location. But I saw Oreo’s ad highlighted in a newsletter I signed up for. 

It was the Oreoscope campaign. 

It has two elements that worked. Well, three. 

First, personalization. Second, horoscopes (I am personally a sucker for this no matter how BS it is). Third, cookies, hellloooo…..

You know how those apps on Facebook lets you answer a couple of questions, predict which Avenger you’re most likely to be (LOL), and then share it on your own social media feed? 

Yeah, like that. It enables virality because some friend of yours is probably going to try it out for themselves to find out THEIR horoscope and share THEIR Oreoscope too. 

‘Nuff said?


I know BTS is a big thing these days but…it’s become so cliche and irrelevant. There’s BTS every-effing-thing these days that I am tired of it. McDonald’s did it, some soft drink companies did it, and now, there’s even BTS clothes softener? 

Lord help me. 

When your brand is not targeting youngsters, why do it? The company is essentially turning off people like me or young adults who have no idea who BTS is, and ALSO, men in general. I’ve not met one man who has walked up to me humming a BTS song. 

I raised two boys and they’d rather die of thirst than buy a drink with the face of a BTS member on it. 

Before I go

So there you have it, my top five favorite social media campaigns (and one absolutely hated one). Which social media ad or campaign have you seen that you think had that home stretch element? 

Share ahead!

Published by Marsha Maung Online

A copywriter, internet, SEO and digital marketing consultant, web developer, social media manager, mother, daughter, sister, niece, and just a human being who is passionate about reading, writing, peace, love, and everything cheesy that needs to be said.

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