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Web Content Writing

Investing in Authentic, True-to-the-Word Web Content

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I value the written word. I live it, breathe it, and believe in its authentic value. I strongly believe that what’s written on your website should resonate with, provide answers to your website visitors’ questions, and convert.

I believe in trying your best to impress but also keeping things as real as possible. The word ‘loathe’ pops into my head when it comes to copy-paste content because it erodes the basic principle of authentic creativity.

This is your chance to shine a light on your core business, how you can help your clients/customers, and how they stand to benefit from buying or working with you.

So, if you’re interested in working with an experienced web content writer with a little background in search engine marketing, social media management, and digital marketing, read on. I would love to see how we can further work together to help you connect with your clients and customers through your website and its content.

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Crafting Creative Web Content that Converts

A few mere seconds. That’s all you have to grab your website visitors’ attention. So, your web content has to be clear, concise, crisp and yet captivating.

The Many Reasons to Invest in Refreshing, Original Web Content

A simple search on the internet will tell you why it is always better to invest in refreshing web content instead of stuffing copy from your company brochure or flyer into your website. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should use original web content on your website.

The reasons to invest in refreshing website content:

  • Your target audience is different
  • Their online behavior is less tolerant
  • They often quick-scan websites instead of digging around for information on websites
  • You have the option of combining the power of images and the written word to make things stand out without worrying about space and extra cost
  • You can be clearer, shorter and catchier on your website
  • The web copy is appealing to both readers and search engines
  • You can appeal to audiences anywhere in the world, regardless of their time zones

Clear Navigation and Crisp Copy for your Website

Based on my experience in writing for corporate materials, advertisements, blogs, and website copy, a writer’s got to put on a different hat for each one of them to stand out.

For websites, the content needs to catch the readers’ eyes in the shortest period of time. If you can’t rewrite the whole thing for your website content, at least spend some time summarizing or making it more reader-friendly. Here are some tips on how to rock your website content.

  • Use short paragraphs and short sentences
  • Use headlines
  • If the word is not crucial to the sentence or does not create a positive impact on your company/products/services, remove
  • Unless you’re dealing with technical stuff, avoid jargon
  • Be useful
  • Constantly update it
  • Include keywords
  • Always address your website visitors directly, person-to-person. I know we used to write in the third person, but this no longer works. It oftentimes comes off as unnecessary bragging
  • Use list (like this one) and cut to the chase
  • Graphics and images incredibly useful. If there’s a time for photographs and graphic designers to shine, the time is now

How Will Web Designing and Content Writing Work Together

Web design and content writing often go hand in hand, especially if it’s a new website or a revamp. In tandem with your company’s image, the tone of voice will have to sync up with the design of the website.

Most web design companies have in-house copywriters to help you write your content, or they have connections with web content writing service providers, and that’s awesome news for you!

However, through my experience, many web design and advertising companies work with freelancers like me.

There are many benefits to working directly with a professional copywriter for your web content. It is simply better for you to have direct contact with the copywriter whose fingers are tapping away on the keyboard!

Are You Looking for a Professional Web Content Writer for your Website/Blog?

Find out more about my budget-friendly, cost-effective web content writing services by writing in to marshamaung at gmail dot com or complete this form right now. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with a proposal. Strategy is the name of the game – we just need to help you find a copywriting services that suit your marketing budget.

I sincerely hope to hear from you soon!OR you can complete the following form below. Either way, I check and read emails like my life depends on it.

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