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Humans vs AI – The Content Development Game-Changer

Ever since the world started seeing ChatGPT as the potential threat that it can be to the creative world at large, everyone’s been, to say the least, worried and anxious. Some up-in-arms. Honestly, I’m afraid.  But I am not the kind of person who will take such things at face value or sit down andContinue reading “Humans vs AI – The Content Development Game-Changer”

Open-Mindedness Opens Our World to How Others View Their World

When you’re young, you think you’re invincible. This had led many of us to pursue things that we would prefer not to look back on by the time we reach out the mid-thirties or, better yet, when there are more wrinkles on our faces, our knees are creaking, our bodies are more capable of sleepContinue reading “Open-Mindedness Opens Our World to How Others View Their World”

Can Writing Style Be Deliberate and if Yes, How?

Writers are not machines. And I don’t believe, not even for a second, that machines can ever take over the role of writers. But machines are definitely giving writers a run for our money. So, if you’re serious about keeping the fire and passion about writing alive, here are a couple of things writers can do to change things up.