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SEO Content Marketing – Ranking in Search Engines

If someone promises you top ranking within a short number days or weeks, run the other way. Fast! Always choose long term goals over short-term wins. It’s infuriating but that’s how it works.

Getting into the top 3 or 5 of search engine ranking pages (SERPs) is not the problem, having unusually high expectations within a short period of time is, while desirable for companies, is frowned upon by the search engines themselves.

When to Expect Results from your SEO Strategies?

What’s should be a part of your marketing gameplan is an online search engine optimization strategy that changes consistently. Why? Because that’s how the internet is…it’s never static.

Getting to the top pages of search engines is also NEVER an overnight thing. Realistically speaking, you need at least 3 to 4 months to get your pages to rank properly in Google. And that’s just ONE search engine.

If you’re investing time and money into the right SEO tactics, which involves a lot of hard behind-the-scenes work, you’ll probably see a more solid outcome in 6 to 7 months.

We need to remember that Google takes into account more than 250 factors when it’s crawling through your website, two of which are the age of your website and update consistency. The older your website is, the better it will rank simply because it has proven its mettle. The longer you’ve been around, the more authority it has. If nothing else, it shows that your website is here to stay, not a hit-and-run and sales-heavy website.

SEO Content Keyword Research and Study of your Competition

Here, we’re talking about organic traffic. Everyone wants them and people are promising you bucketloads of promises and ‘secrets’.

The secret is that there is no secret. Only a lot of research and intelligent keyword marketing strategies.

For instance, if the keywords you’re aiming for is too competitive, an SEO consultant can come in to help you weave your way into the search engine ranks. This is one of the things that new websites can do. Instead of muscling their way in, find keywords that are relevant and not as competitive to rank in. Once you’ve got one foot through the door, it gets easier to rank better for the keywords that you’re eyeing.

Making Your SEO and SEM Efforts Work for You

Things change all the time but there are a few things that don’t. These are the core discipline to each search engine – Bing does not like the same thing Google does. In fact, Baidu does not even speak the same language.

There’s SEO and SEM when it comes to important online marketing strategies. Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to optimizing your website and all its important landing pages and blog posts for your preferred keywords.

SEO is known to be a lengthy process which takes up months if not years. The result is also volatile and highly-dependent on search algorithms. That is why, we usually tie the effort up with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which automatically gets you to the top of the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs).

However, there’s cost involved in SEM so, we need to be smart about it. Instead of covering all bases, we narrow the scope down by considering factors like target market, demographic profile, timing, product/services, competitors, geographical location, and much, much more.

Apart from that, your SEM efforts should also be an integral part of your content marketing and social media marketing tactics. When they’re in synergy with each other, it works better in helping you find direct prospects, increase your email database, improve loyalty/following, increase the number of page views and sessions while reducing bounce rates.

Key strategies for your SEO marketing campaign

  • Find complementing, long-tail, or geo-specific keywords to rank in
  • Narrow it down if it’s not your target market
  • Enhance your landing pages or articles
  • Use highly receptive, engaging, and clickable words in your ads that distinguishes your company as a unique, authoritative, and expert in your field
  • Stay in the know about trending topics, news or informative websites; time and time again, Google has repeated the same thing – they cater to people, and people want answers. So, if you provide answers, Google likes you better
  • Are people recommending your website, i.e. backlinks, how much buzz are you creating on the internet or social media sites
  • Create original, quality content
  • Are you keeping the ball in the air? Are you fun, interesting or useful?
  • Up your social media game

What you need from your SEO Consultant

Get a Budget-Friendly SEO Strategist to do All the Marketing for you

It’s great if you have the time for it because you can do this yourself.

But if you don’t and are looking around for someone professional and experienced in search engine optimization, digital marketing and SEM, contact me right now and let’s get the discussion going about giving your website the boost it needs.

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