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Writing is a very personalized experience and I believe in catering specifically to the objective and trajectory of the company. The power of the pen is never to be undermined.

So, if you’ve come this far and are interested in finding out more about my previous work, first off, you can visit Ezinearticles where a lot of my stuff has been published (please forgive the SEO nature of the articles), or head on over to where some of my work stuff was published. My Medium project is also an on-going one so, please bookmark or follow me on the site for new articles.

I don’t think I’ll ever give up writing even when I am sitting in a darkly-lit corner of a shabby rundown condo all alone, flicking through the latest version of today’s Netflix, ready for Doctor Dread. That’s why, on top of keeping my blog alive with new content, my website details my continuous and arduous adventures out into the digital unknown.

My social media accounts, in the meantime, are just ways for me to document my life and what’s happening around me. At this point, I have no intention to promote it or become an influencer. #lol. Thinking about it makes me chuckle. Cackle, I think that’s a more accurate depiction.

But here you go, if you want some samples of my work, there’re all pretty much online, on this website, medium, blog or somewhere out there.

If you have time or are really keen to connect, email me with this form for a resume or sample of my work.

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