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You can be More Powerful & Effective if you’re Multi-Lingual (Brain Dump)

Knowing how to read and write in English is an advantage in many Asian countries, including Malaysia. With emerging Asian nations, are we making a U-turn now?

Writers Should Focus A Little More on Authority than SEO, What Do You Think?

SEO content remains supreme on the internet but it is facing dwindling populatiry. For content marketers and writers, establishing authority is what we should focus on.

Branding Your Company, Products and Services with Your Domain Name

A domain name should not focus completely on SEO any longer. It’s now more about being remembered, staying relevant, is sticky, and likable. Here’s a look at why I created MarshaMetta and quick looks at how to promote and brand with a domain name

Pull Marketing: Kind and Compassionate Marketing Style on the Rise

Consumer habits has changed and so should marketing strategies. ‘Pull Marketing’ require marketers to spin the flywheel of creativity because it demands more compassion, humanity, reality, and kindness.

It’s Time to Dump Those Crappy, Corny Content Writing SEO Writing Techniques

The sheer number of writers out there is astonishing to me. And if you own a business, you must have worked with at least one SEO copywriter and wondered if this was what it took to make it on the Internet. Suffice to say, in order to survive, I’ve BEEN one of those. It’s awesome if you’ve found a good professional copywriter for your business, don’t piss him or her off! If you’re still hunting for a topline copywriter, manager or internet marketer, you might have to don those boots yourself and start with some piquant pieces.