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Can You Survive As A Writer?

The best part of having been in the writing industry for so long is that I have established a kind of routine and a bank of experience for writing all types of things. I’ve developed content for everything from blog copy to social media marketing material, eBooks to scripts, radio ads to SEO articles. 

Yes, I make money from writing. It still gives me chills and tingles when I do something new. But the thing is that as I am growing, I have come to learn how to delegate. I have also had to do writing that I don’t want to do. It gets challenging when given the choice to write about something I am not passionate about or a topic that doesn’t strike a chord with me. 

But as a writer who trumpets her experience of having the experience of writing about everything under the sun, it’s hard not to take a bite out of the carrot when it is dangling in front of your nose. 

I don’t know about all other industries but for me, as a writer, I like other writers. There are frustrations that I can’t air everywhere because it is going to break my rice bowl. 

The fact that they share my experience, roadblocks, successes, and joys, connecting with them is a kind of recharge. It tells me that someone else gets this too

So, that’s why when my writer friends wanted to start something new-but-not-so-new concept of sharing our experiences online, I jumped at it. 

Just like everyone else, when your job is becoming a routine, a black empty, dark hole appears. Within that 24 hours that you’re doing what you’re doing, there will be times when you feel like you’ve done this a million times before and the task is becoming robotic. 

For creatives, becoming robotic is almost unthinkable. 

But I have found ways to keep things fresh, take on new journeys, or find new perspectives. And this online sharing of knowledge and experience is one of those things that I want to give a shot at. 

For someone who has been writing for more than 20 years, I actually NEED that reboot. And that reboot is for me to actually look backwards to find that starting point. To find that original passion, reason, and purpose. 

I think I will be able to find that original purpose by talking to and freely sharing my thoughts and ideas with other budding writers. And there are many reasons for the question ‘Why?’

  1. New Writers, New Problems, New Solutions, New Platforms – Since I am one of the first few writers here, if not within the region, to actually write freelance or remotely for a living. Back then, the competition wasn’t so rife and good writing always took precedence. Now, the new breed of writers have different problems and I want to know what they are.
  2. The Internet. Let’s not pretend that the pandemic did not hit all of us hard. Yes, there’s an increase in demand for writers or digital marketers out there, but it is even harder now to establish yourself as someone who has been there and done that. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the internet was just starting to become a ‘thing’. Yet, we managed to connect with and find each other. I think it is rare. 
  3. I wish someone was there for me. I was just batting until I hit something, honestly. You can say that it was a game of luck and persistence. So, I wish there was someone there for me at that time to tell me how to do it right. My journey would have a lot more cheerleaders and supporters who could fuel me. 
  4. A break from the norm. Since writing is still putting food on the table, in one form or the other, I think a break from the routine of writing is a good idea. It’s a win-win situation that I think a lot of people will benefit from. I will find more allies to work with, understand the world of writing from the new batch of budding writers, and help people start out when they’re unsure. As you all know, sharing can be looked at as quite a selfish deed. As much as you give out, you get back in return in the form of satisfaction
  5. The pandemic. Everyone is uncertain about the future that we’re about to face in the near future. Whether the pandemic is actually going to ‘die-off soon‘ or if we’re ever going to ‘go back to the norm we used to know’. I am no different. Things may not look the same again so, by connecting with others who have the same intent, purpose, passion, and probably still embrace the original plan I had back in the 2000s, it’s a reboot for me and I think it’s a good thing. 

With that said, when my writer friends found it in them to actually launch into The Write Tribe, a place where we will share our experiences with other writers, be it beginners or seasoned, it made complete sense to me. 

We, the four of us, come from different backgrounds and work on different things throughout our journeys. They don’t look the same but what we share are common writer problems and solutions

For me, I winged it through enough to make a long list of mistakes and things I wish I knew. And if by sharing them I can inspire or egg on other people like me, why not

For now, we are not making it into a business or turning it into a cash cow. I am just finding some form of joy or a break from doing the writing all the time. Wouldn’t it be nice if people actually knew what we had to go through to make it this far? Wouldn’t it be nice to be THAT person who was there for me when I started out? Wouldn’t this be the time capsule I was looking for where I get to return to the early 2000s to help some other writers be what they want to be? 

Really. Wouldn’t that be nice? 

And that’s what The Write Tribe is all about. 

To share not just our experiences but also our thoughts and ideas. To reach out a helping hand to writers like us who are currently struggling. To be the rope we were looking for during our early journeys. 

It’s also something that I will look back on, years later, with pride and honest-to-goodness honor. Being in the same realm as these established writers who are now firing from all their cylinders without as much of a flinch is rectitude.

Published by Marsha Maung

I am a freelance writer, copywriter, blogger, social media and online advertising consultant. On the other side of my Universe is a life of being a mother to 2 boys who are always ravenous or mean to each other. They love each other, but if I say that, they'll kill each other. I have been in the internet world since 2000 when I started off with a couple of dot-bombs but they've served me well. Right now, I primarily write for blogs and learning heaps about the ever-evolving world of social media and search engine marketing. Hit me up and we can learn together! Life is better together.

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